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gemmi999 ([personal profile] gemmi999) wrote2009-07-08 04:03 am

Two Things (possibly more, lets see how this goes...)

1) I thought of a name for my zine, finally It's kind of a reference to My Chemical Romance, which is one of my favorite bands in the world, but mostly its a reference to a song that has really, really helped me. Awake and Unafraid because I finally am, and I think there are a lot of people out there who are as well, and who have amazing and wonderful and nifty stories to tell. This weekend I'm going to start creating the community for it, an icon or two, a journal and then all of the talk about this project will move off my blog and into its own dedicated safespace. The reason for that is two-fold:

a) I want to have some place separate from my real-life journal/fandom journal where people can find out about this project without necessarily associating it with me, the person.

b) Those of you who are interested can just follow that community/journal and those of you who aren't don't have to. It'll unclutter my friendslist, hopefully. *nods*

2) I haven't really weighed in about the Panic situation mostly because while Panic is one of the first bands I ever listened to in bandom, I was already moving away from their music. That being said, I'm really excited to see what the two new bands end up doing, and I think this is probably a good thing. I definitely want to explore it more in fic, a lot more then the tiny coda I wrote yesterday for After the Music.

I want to write a sequel to After the Music from a different point-of-view (probably Brendon) about how he and Brent slowly get to be friends again, and how he goes to Brent for advice about this entire situation and meets Mikey and there might just be some sparks between Bden and Mikey and that might end up pushing Brent and Bob a little closer together, but the real story will be about accepting people and trust and Pete Wentz will probably play an even bigger role.

I have this all plotted out in my head and I really want to start writing it, and I think it could end up being longer then After the Music. Let me know what ya'll think, especially about the POV shift. Right now I feel as though I have a good handle of Brent's characterization and I think the tone and feeling of the story would shift dramatically if Brendon starts narrating, and it might be interesting to see Brent's POV regarding the entire situation. So basically I'm thinking things through and yes. *nods*

3) Work has been really really interesting lately. I have been given significantly more responsibility and my own mini-staff to supervise and I just keep remembering how much I love working with volunteers. LOVE it. I'm still hoping to go to grad school in Fall 2010, I miss learning and I want to get a masters/phd (depending), but i don't know how I'm going to leave all my volunteers that I've spent two or three years building up and I know I'm not indispensable, that other people could do my job, but I don't want someone else to! *whine*