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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 09:22pm on 26/06/2009
Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer and GERARD WAY all at the same party, with Amanda live tweeting the entire event?!?!??! It's like #lofnotc can't get any better because all my fandoms and favorite people are COLLIDING. Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

david j (bauhaus) and @jilltracymusic just showed up...on the way: gerard way (my chemical romance), who found a babysitter.


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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 07:29pm on 20/06/2009
So, I saw The Cab twice this weekend. They are full of flail and it was TONS, TONS of fun live. I can't wait until August when I go see them again (along with A Rocket to the Moon) in Vegas. I am seriously super excited.

Friday night I saw The What Happens in Vegas Tour at The Roxy )
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 11:37pm on 15/06/2009
1) I want this shirt. SO BADLY. -- It's two of my obsessions combined and stylish, to boot! Thank you, A Rocket to the Moon!

2) I updated my fic masterlist and all the different Bandom stories I've written are on there. Next step? Adding all my SGA fic. Probably will get done this weekend.

3) Postcards. I bought four post cards today because they were super cute and I am totally in a writing mood. If you want a postcard mailed to you let me know. First four will get it! Comment and I'll message you back, pm style.

4) I had a mini breakdown on the phone w/ my mom tonight. I do put a lot of stress on myself and I realize that it isn't good. I need to start accepting that I'm a good person, on a gut level, and that it won't change no matter how much money I make or what letters are after my name on my resume. To that end, I want to thank everybody for reading my BBB fic. I appreciated your comments more then you can ever know.

5) I have a minion at work, now! I have an assistant for the next 8 weeks and I'm kind of amazed by this! They get paid to help me! *grin* Plus? She's a good friend.

ETA: Clearly, the following tweet means that Cash is a slasher at heart. Possibly.

cashstwit: @wethehunter I miss you. Hug the bro for me and touch yourself to the thought of me. Sweet dreams

ETA AGAIN: I forgot--newest irvine Blink 182 date has been announced! I will dip into my savings and buy two tickets because it's BLINK 182 AND FALL OUT BOY, in the state of California, TOGETHER. FUCK YES.
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 07:08am on 13/06/2009
So, a while ago I picked up a book by the author of Generation Kill. I forget his name. And amazon tells me it's Evan Wright. Additionally, if i want to buy the DVD's they are on sale now (20 something dollars instead of 60. Hmmm).

Anyways, I didn't pick up Generation Kill (although I will next time!) but rather Hella Nation and have been slowly working my way through the different pieces.

I have decided that this book is my new default for ANY ideas for AU fic. I just read an entire essay on underground skateboard culture and how it works and how sponsorship works and everything and I'm like: "ohhh, Gee could do that! And Frank!" and my mind, it goes to sick sick places.

Seriously, the ENTIRE BOOK is about different groups of outcasts and what they do and I'm like: "Eeeeee! So wonderful!" and thought I'd pass it on. Evan Wright has this ability to integrate seamlessly with a group and really see what they are like on the inside. I'd make comments about anthropology and how this entire book reminds me of extended field studies, but that would make it sound like I actually liked anthropology, and after my Intro course more then 5 years ago now? Well...

So pick it up if you have the extra cash and are so inclined. Amazon has it for sale AND I even linked it above.

After I finish this book I"m moving on to another non-fiction book. I tend to only read non-fiction these days, which is weird. Non-fiction or young adult. Please rec me some non-fiction books! Otherwise i'm gonna have to get started on Guns, Germs, and Steel.

That is all. Go back to your regularly scheduled Saturday's and think of me at work, behind a desk, for the next 8 hours. *sigh*
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 01:23am on 12/06/2009
I'm exhausted but wanted to post a quick thing before I go to sleep. I had a lot of fun tonight at the Hey Monday show in LA. It was tiny and the bands had a lot of energy. We got there in time for This Providence (?) and then Hey Monday. Hey Monday's set was kind of short, but they were fun (as previously mentioned). They covered Slide by Goo Goo Dolls and about half of the people there didn't know the song, which made it interesting. I felt OLD.

The best part? They do this thing where they hand out plastic cups to throw on stage (get it? get it? they're living up to the name of their tour!) and then their tech guy scurries around and collects them because they have to keep reusing the cups at each stop. *grin* (okay, he probably collects them because the band doesn't want to trip, but still!)

The lead singer (who's name I forgot) is super skinny and the drummer i really, really energetic. All together it was worth the 1 1/2 drive and the cheap tickets. *nods*

Oh yeah, the fire alarm was going off when we entered the building and my friend and i told a lot of jokes about how we aren't prepared b/c we were entering a burning building...*shrug*

NIght, all!
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 07:23am on 11/06/2009
A couple of people have asked for a PDF version of After the Music, so I converted my story to PDF. I thought I'd share the link here in case anybody else wants to download it.

After the Music, PDF

The only thing I ask is that you not post it on other websites. Thanks!
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 10:06pm on 09/06/2009
Okay, so I totally have no room to complain because I'm part of it. I recognize this! I'm a hypocrite! I'm just--overwhelmed.

I'm so excited to read the different stories that are coming out of [ profile] bandombigbang but at the same time there are just SO MANY and they're all so long and I have SO MUCH FUCKING WORK TO DO!! and it's just -- ahhhh! So, I'm apologizing right now because I'm about to take Bandom Big Bang OFF my friends list and not look at the different fic until this weekend when I have time to breath.

I apologize to all of my friends, who are writing stories and posting and squeeing because I want to be squeeing with you and everything but I just can't right now. *sigh* This weekend, I promise!

And it isn't just that I posted my story and I'm done with it, I promise. It's just--life is going crazy and fandom is going crazy and then coming home and finding 200,000 plus words being posted, I'm scared i'll start reading instead of doing what I need to do and that would not be of the good.


I also made a real-life fandom friend! who reads fic! yay! RLF ftw! because I haven't had any close to my age that live locally and also are geeky and read sci fi and everything. *nods*
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 08:14pm on 04/06/2009
Okay, so I got my Bandom Big Bang fic post date! It's June 9th (tuesday) and I'm soooo excited! My story is finished, completely (final edits--wanna go through it once more) and it's all ready!

ALSO, I got some amazing art AND the best fanmix ever! A lot of great music and it fits the themes and mood of my story and I'm just amazed. Ya'll should be jealous because I get to enjoy this for a few days before the rest of you get to see it. *grin*

That said, I'm in an angsty mood and want to write. I will write drabbles tonight, 5 of them, in either Bandom, Stargate Atlantis, or well, ask and you might receive. The key? I want to write ANGST! Make the requests sad and interesting and you'll probably get it right away!
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 06:31am on 04/06/2009
So, it seems like half my friendslist is in lust or something with the Jonas Brothers. I don't know what I think about them, but I do read the fic and it's all A+++++++ which is a yay! thing, indeed.

I saw this online and clicked to see what it said.

Jonas Brother's Could Be Seduced, Says Mom

Basically? It says that their mom knows they're male and have hormones. And it didn't come out and say it, but it implied that people (aka fangirls or something) might want to seduce the JoBro's and their male and can't help themselves.

It actually pissed me off because the tone implied that b/c they're male it's not their fault if they can't exercise control. I am not a virgin, I'm not married--but I never made a pledge to remain a virgin until I got married. If I had made that pledge though, I'm pretty sure the "oh, well, um, it's their fault" excuse wouldn't necessarily work. And yeah. *sigh*

I know I'm rambling. It's just--the article pissed me off w/ its gender stereotypes.
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posted by [personal profile] gemmi999 at 08:24am on 03/06/2009

For those of you that don't know, I kind of reallyreallyreally like this small band called A Rocket to the Moon. Like, a lot. It's kind of epic how much I like them. I don't know why, or anything, because I can't stand their first EP at all (dude, autotune ftl!) but their second one had considerably less autotune and they have this tendency to cover country music in concert (like taylor swift).

The main guy is totally flail-y and slightly adorable, but not really cute (if that makes sense) and ya know, I don't want to jump anyone in the band (because none of them are FRANK!) but still. I <3 this band for whatever reason and *sigh*

So, on August 9th A Rocket to the Moon is playing w/ The Cab in Vegas. I wanted to see The Cab already, and tickets are dirt, dirt, dirt cheap (11 dollars, anyone?).

My problem is on August 8th I have to be in San Diego to see Panic At the Disco and No Doubt concert w/ my sister, and I'm down with that. The following morning I can drive the 4 hours to Vegas and see the other concert. It's just, the first that I want to take with me will have to come down to SD and just kind of chill while I'm at the first concert (which, hmmm, I can talk to her about) and then we can go to vegas and take a few days to just enjoy ourselves.

We were talking about going away on a vacation together anyway. Hmmmmm.

Also? The Cab are playing in LA on June 19th and I am free and tickets are dirt cheap again (13 dollars ftw!) but I have no one to go with! NO ONE! This is the saddest thing b/c I'm not yet brave enough to go to concerts alone. *sigh* if I have to i can ask my sister to go with but shes not fun at concerts and doesn't really like them and doesn't flail around or squee. at all.

Movies alone? not a problem. Dinner? sure. Concerts? Not quite yet. *sigh*

My life, so hard! *snickers*

AND on June 12 Neko Case is playing in LA and I"m trying to decide if I want to splurge (these tickets are NOT dirt cheap) and buy two tickets b/c my friend wants to go w/ me but she can't afford a ticket and tbh? I can't really either. BUT NEKO CASE!!!!!!!!

I feel like I need a part-time job to afford the different concerts I want to go to. *sigh*

Anybody out there have a solution? Anybody out there ever gone to a concert alone? What do I do?!!?!?!?


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